Hey! 👋 I'm Roel Tinkhof

I'm a fullstack developer from Utrecht in the Netherlands. I mainly work with Wordpress & Laravel but I'm always open to learn something new!

Currently working at:

Last liked track: BAUGRUPPE90 at Intercell Outdoor: Summer Groove

Switch-lit ✍️

A writing platform for collaborative storytelling built with Inertia, Vue & Laravel

Made at: September2023

Super Chill 🧘‍♀️

An app for kids with exercises for Yoga, mindfulness and meditation. We made the API in Laravel and the app is made in React Native

Made at: September2024

How to avoid and fix prop drilling in Vue.js

In this blog I will explain prop drilling and a way to fix it....

Mets Center 🧑‍⚕️

A Wordpress website for a training and simulation center for educating health professionals

Made at: September2023